A Tale of Two Warriors

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Two young men from a violent alien culture must deal with the legacies their fathers have left them.

And when their paths cross, the consequences could mean war with Earth!

Kval is the son of Klanth, the Emperor, and next in line for the throne. Though Kval’s father is the most cruel and violent ruler in recent memory, his mother was an outcast, and she gave him the kind of nurturing unacceptable to his father’s caste. For that, the emperor killed her. 

From that moment on, Kval vowed he would never be like his father. But Klanth is determined to mold his son in his own image, and every chance Kval gets, he makes certain his father knows it is an impossible goal.

Teff is the son of Krelg, a traitor to the empire because he rescued a human woman from a ritual death. Now, all of Krelg’s children are tainted with his treason. His daughter is sold into sexual slavery. And his son, Teff, is forced to join the space fleet and work in a job that will kill him. Desperate to flee the cruelty that is heaped upon him, Teff makes an escape attempt, and ends up in the hands of the humans.

But Teff has information vital to his people, and when he reveals it to the humans, the stage is set for a war that will destroy Earth and all its people.

Unless the humans can come up with a few tricks of their own.

You’ll love the battles of wills between father and son, captain and discredited crewman, spy and traitor.

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