About Me

LeAnn Robinson was born LeAnn Dennis in Pocatello, Idaho (no one ever guesses where she is from), but then began the life of a nomad, quickly moving to southern Texas; Seattle, WA; California; Argentina; Georgia (the state, not the country)… and the list goes on. She has lived in the five major continents, speaks fluent Spanish, and revels in learning about strange cultures and new places.

During her childhood, LeAnn developed a love for science, especially regarding outer space, when her father would sit the children around the table and tell them about stars and the solar system. Some of the information has changed, though. We used to believe there were canals on Mars!

LeAnn’s writing career began in the forth grade, when she sold her first book, a hand–drawn, hand-lettered edition on folded 8 1/2 by 11 paper for ten cents!  Then, there was a long lull, while she served thirty years in the military and worked to hone her craft. She retired from the Army as a colonel, and uses her military experience to spice up her stories.