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I’ve created a new page on my website where you can discover my writing progress. Here, I’ll tell you what I am working on, and where I am in the process of completion. I even include a guess at when I’ll be able to publish the work. But be careful here. I’m not very good at these estimates yet. Maybe I’ll get better as I go along.

How do you find this information? Just go to the “books” tab, then click on “In the works.” (Or click here!) There, you can get a word count on my latest project, and see where each book is in its path to publication. I try to update the word counts almost every time I write, so it should stay pretty up-to-date.

And if I’ve run into trouble, I’ll tell you about that, too. For example, on several of my books, after I’d finished the entire first draft, I realized the climax just wasn’t climactic enough. So I had to go back, do some serious thinking, and re-write. Sometimes, I could get the hero into a fix, but then it would take a couple of days to figure out how to get him/her out of it. (Well, if it was an easy problem to solve, that wouldn’t be very satisfying, would it?)

I hope this new feature gives you information you can use and enjoy. You’ll never have to wonder what kind of writing progress I’m making!

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